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We’ve joined PrintoCent

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

We’ve joined PrintoCent ...of course we did! Here's why:

1) Our base technology was invented at the PrintoCent pilot facilities at VTT in Oulu.

2) Our business idea was first publicly tested at #PrintoCentInnofest in 2021. Offered a friendly crowd to nurture our idea, but also tough competition from the other teams. We were happily surprised to win.

3) PrintoCent events are great for networking. We've met value chain members from many potential end markets. Those interactions helped us identify where to initially focus our business.

4) We now partner with several PrintoCent members, internationally, to develop first products to market.

5) PrintoCent allows our early pre-seed stage company to begin operations nimbly with low CAPEX, even though our solutions are based on novel hardware technology.

To sum it up, great collaborative spirit and valuable resources in PrintoCent. Always risks involved in starting new business, but feels kinda great doing it in this ecosystem!

More about the PrintoCent can be found at


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