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Prove manufacturing in industrial setting

Countdown to 1 year celebration! Key milestones to date 3 – 2 – 1

Hardware based start-ups tend to be highly capital intensive with needs to advance both their technology and manufacturing readiness levels (TRL & MRL). Too often this development takes up lots of time and ties up significant resources. Our aim is to avoid this: be quick to first products and operate with relatively low CAPEX.

Our company is fortunate to be a spin-out of @VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the @PrintoCent printed intelligence pilot manufacturing facilities in Oulu, Finland.

In addition to access to world class piloting facilities, our founding team builds on >20 years of globally pioneering R&D in roll-to-roll flexible electronics. We continue work with VTT's team of experts and collaborate with several companies in the PrintoCent industry cluster [Note: for competitive reasons we will talk about these partnerships only later ;-) ]

PrintoCent community is fertile ground for initiating and building new hw start-ups.

Furthermore, development of our smart warming surfaces technology was originally driven by clearly defined needs of the Finnish Defense Forces. So coming out the gates we had a technology with relatively high TRL and MRL.

Since founding we've worked closely with our GTM-partners to develop our products and proprietary manufacturing process to the needs of interior surfaces furniture materials producers' product integration needs.

In October we successfully completed the 1st transfer of #Halia(TM) heater element production to a Nordic commercial production site. While manufacturing development and optimization will never stop, this milestone was worth celebrating.


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