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Energy consumption in EU households increased in 2021 says Eurostat

Eurostat released updated numbers for energy consumption in EU households. In 2021 space heating's share went up to 64.4%. The overall energy consumption among EU households was also increased by 5.5%.

The main use of energy by households in EU is for heating homes ( 64.4% )

During hot summer days we often think space cooling plays a major role in our annual energy consumption figures. Based on Eurostat, it is only 0,5% in EU households. From a sustainable perspective, this is important as well, but much more remarkable changes can be made on shifting into more efficient heating systems.

In 2021 the overall energy consumption both in space cooling (+10%) and space heating (+7%) increased compared to 2020

More energy efficient and more sustainable ways of bringing warmth to inhabitants are urgently needed! The Warming Surfaces Company proposes fast response Halia™ warming surfaces based on radiant heating to the solutions mix. Let's focus on things where we can gain large efforts for our future.

Link to the article at Eurostat:


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