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Demo 1st product concepts & initiate pilots utilizing own brand for warming surfaces – Halia™

Countdown to 1 year celebration! Key milestones to date 3 – 2 – 1

As a 3rd major milestone this year, first product concepts were tested publicly and developed further into first pilots. Halia™ - brand name was chosen to describe “the hugging” warm feeling our warming technology brings!

Our very first public product concept demonstration was a warming wall with high pressure laminate (HPL) surface on display to a global audience at interzum cologne . This product idea was driven by Grupo Casais and SURFORMA, and the execution was done in active collaboration between us the three companies. At the show we met and interviewed people from all parts of the world and the reception was heart warming. Some people going back a 2nd or even 3rd time to Surforma’s booth to feel the warmth, bringing their colleagues to see and feel., The collaboration with Surforma and Casais has continued actively to first pilots in Portugal in Q4/2023. In the pilots we are learning about the product and user experience as a whole. UX/UI is one of our focus areas in the new year. During the year our technology has been tested by other potential customers and market channel partners. And meanwhile, in Finland, we are currently designing and building two pilots. One of these pilots will be at BusinessAsema in Oulu, which will be our first public pilot accessible to anyone. One more reason to visit Oulu 😉 More news to follow. In addition to testing reactions to our proprietary warming technology, at the show in Cologne we also began testing reactions to a brand name we had been developing all spring with the help of Shop of Good. That name is Halia! We aim to build and nurture a B2B2C brand, a brand ultimately recognized by people globally and positively associated with sustainable comfortable warmth. We are delighted by the positive feedback the name receives and its link to the Finnish word hugging. Who doesn’t love a hug? As a bit of icing on the 1 year birthday cake, Halia is now a registered trademark in the EU. #Halia #Haliawarmth #warmingsurfaces


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