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Warmth and comfort
for the age of sustainability


Fast response

Halia® warming is based on radiant heat. Low voltage “pixelated” warming units are integrated to a wide range of interior surface materials. Positioned near the surface in large areas, controlling of heating becomes real-time and as effortless as controlling lighting.

Made of a paper-thin light weight metal mesh, Halia® radiant warmers seamlessly integrate into a variety of interior surface materials, for example walls, floors, doors, furniture, and other furnishings. Requiring no extra space or added weight from the surface heaters.

Efficient product integration

High-volume manufacturing processes efficiently integrate Halia® warmers into surfaces minimizing any impact on the original material’s properties, such as bending, stretching, or breathability. No plastics or separate bonding films are used in the system.

Download Halia® Warmed HPL White Paper

No rare-earth metals, no plastics

Easy integration & installation

Digital & low voltage

No separate bonding films needed

Ultra-thin & invisible

High volume manufacturing

United Nation’s Cities report 2022 estimates that 200 000 new inhabitants move into cities every single day by 2050. All the buildings cannot be built as resource intensively as today. We have a solution to provide affordable and sustainable warmth for every one with low energy and material consumption.

Modular buildings could be built using our technology light weight and sustainable.

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