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Warmth and comfort
for the age of sustainability


Fast response

Halia™ warming is based on radiant heat. Low voltage “pixelated” warming units are integrated to a wide range of interior surface materials. Positioned near the surface in large areas, controlling of heating becomes real-time and as effortless as controlling lighting.

Material efficiency

Made of a paper-thin light weight metal mesh, Halia™ radiant warmers seamlessly integrate into a variety of interior surface materials, for example walls, floors, doors, furniture, and other furnishings. Requiring no extra space or added weight from the surface heaters.

Efficient product integration

High-volume manufacturing processes efficiently integrate Halia™ warmers into surfaces minimizing any impact on the original material’s properties, such as bending, stretching, or breathability. No plastics or separate bonding films are used in the system.


No rare-earth metals, no plastics

Easy integration & installation

Digital & low voltage

No separate bonding films needed

Ultra-thin & invisible

High volume manufacturing

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