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The Warming Surfaces Company Partners with IDBM | Aalto University

OULU, Finland (November 23, 2023) - The Warming Surfaces Company Oy, a pioneer in digital warming technology, is honored to announce that it has entered into collaboration with Aalto University's Master's Program in International Design Business Management (IDBM). The company acts is an industry project partner in the IDBM 2023-2024 program.

From November 2023 to May 2024, a team of multicultural and multidisciplinary aspiring students from Aalto University will work with The Warming Surfaces Company on topics in design, technology, and business strategy. Guiding topics in the project are central themes to the development and eventual growth of the company. The Warming Surfaces Company looks to build long lasting connections to these future design business management leaders.

TWSC's participation in the program is enabled by the C-ACCELERATE project within the EIT HEI Initiative. For further information please visit &

About Aalto University

Aalto University is a public research university located in Espoo, Finland. It was established in 2010 as a merger of three major Finnish universities: the Helsinki University of Technology, the Helsinki School of Economics and the University of Art and Design Helsinki. The close collaboration between the scientific, business and arts communities is intended to foster multi-disciplinary education and research. It has six schools, a diverse community of students and researchers, and a mission to shape a sustainable future by solving the biggest challenges in the world. The university is known for its innovative and creative approach to education and research.

About IDBM

International Design Business Management program is a joint teaching and research program at Aalto University. The purpose of the program is to bring together experts from different fields within the concept of design business management. The program aims to train skilled professionals for key roles in international design business, emphasizing the importance of design as a competitive factor.

Aalto University is named in honor of Alvar Aalto, a prominent Finnish architect, designer of furniture, textiles and glassware. His work would not stop at the architecture, but he and his wife Aino Aalto, would also design the interior surfaces, furniture, lamps, and glassware as well.

About The Warming Surfaces Company Oy

Established in November 2022 The Warming Surfaces Company Oy is digitalizing heating for the age of sustainability, minimizing the amount of materials used in heating systems and reducing heating energy consumption. The Oulu, Finland headquartered company brings to market an ultra fast, ultra thin, and lightweight digital warming technology that turns surfaces in our living environments into smart warming surfaces.

Fast response Halia™ digital warming technology integrates to a wide range of surface materials and makes controlling warmth near real-time and as effortless as controlling lighting. Halia™ - “Warmth when & where you need it”.

Halia is a trademark of The Warming Surfaces Company Oy, and a registered trademark within the EU.

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