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We're delighted to have Sanna Rousu join in our team.

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

"Sustainability has always been the key motivator in my work, in all its forms: well-being, social, environmental, business."

Those are the words of Sanna Rousu, who we are delighted to announce as our Head of Sustainability & Projects - and our very first employee!

Sanna's dedication to sustainability is reflected in her 25 years of experience in tech development, circular economy, and international team building. In her free-time Sanna teaches yoga and keeps busy with her teenage boys.

Sanna gained her Dr. Tech. degree in Chemical Engineering in 2002 at Åbo Akademi. Sustainability has always been the key motivator in her work. Her work history includes positions in the paper industry (at StoraEnso) and in R&D and innovation (at VTT and OUAS), and most recently as an entrepreneur at (Green Company Effect) in building sustainability and circular economy strategies for different size companies. She has worked internationally and lived abroad in her different duties.

Sannas motto is – "Every day, every one, every decision is meaningful."

Sannas strengths in work (according to her colleagues) are curiosity, open-mindedness and positivity – she is an inspirational, flexible and kind teamplayer. In her free-time she teaches yoga and keeps busy with her teenage boys.

"We're delighted to have Sanna join our team as we build an eco-driven business & nurture a culture of sustainability." Jani-Mikael Kuusisto


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