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MEPs back plans for a climate neutral building sector by 2050

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

All new buildings should be zero-emission from 2028, with the deadline for new buildings occupied, operated or owned by public authorities in 2026. All new buildings should be equipped with solar technologies by 2028, where technically suitable and economically feasible, while residential buildings undergoing major renovation have until 2032.

Residential buildings would have to achieve, at a minimum, energy performance class E by 2030, and D by 2033 - on a scale going from A to G, the latter corresponding to the 15% worst-performing buildings in the national stock of a member state. Non-residential and public buildings would have to achieve the same ratings by 2027 and 2030 respectively. The upgrade in energy performance (which can take the form of insulation works or improvement in the heating system) would take place when a building is sold or undergoes a major renovation or, if it is being rented, when a new contract is signed.

According to the European Commission, buildings in the EU are responsible for 40% of our energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions.

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