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Welcome to a new era of
energy-efficient interior warmth

At The Warming Surfaces Company, we’ve reinvented the approach to interior heating and comfort – from bulky, and energy-intensive systems of the past to an ultra-thin, ultra-fast, and energy-saving solution of the present.

Warmth when & where you need it

Halia® radiant warming turns almost any interior surface into a smart warming surface, delivering instant, energy-efficient comfort to indoor spaces while reducing the need for conventional heating systems.

Halia® warming equipped interior solutions are designed for effortless installation and operation, developed in line with circular economy principles.


Infinite design opportunities

Explore the design possibilities when warmth is seamlessly and invisibly integrated into surfaces, enhancing the sensory experience of any interior space.

Plus, the optimized modularity and flexibility that comes when you remove the constraints of bulky, fixed heating systems.


Heating accounts for 63% of energy use in EU homes and heating buildings produces up to 20% of all CO2 emissions in Europe. Despite this 21% more people die during winter months than summer months as a result of cold living environments. The Warming Surfaces Company Ltd. has reinvented heating and developed a sustainable solution to tackle these challenges.


Transforming heating for a sustainable future


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